Monday, April 22, 2013

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick Tip! - Lip Exfoliation

Everyone in the world, male or female, knows the pain and annoyance of chapped lips. The rough feeling, and the gross patchy scaly look of them. Especially in those winter months. This quick tip is simple and very effective to get those lips back to perfect pucker state.

All you need:
Olive oil
Old tooth brush

First step is to use clean hands to apply a generous layer of olive oil onto your lips. Make sure you rub them together and really cover the surface. Now just simply let it sit and soften up your entire lip surface really well.While its doing its job, you can mix together a small amount of either white or brown sugar, (I use brown because its a little coarser, but you can use either one), and olive oil. You can fill up an old container if you want, I just do this for a time by time basis. I mix together about a half  a teaspoon of sugar, with just enough olive oil to make it a paste.You don't really want this runny, you want it to be a nice firm paste. Let the olive oil sit on your lips for ten minutes or so. Then, wet an old tooth brush, and gently start to scrub in that paste into your lips in small circles. Make sure you get the entire surface of both your upper and lower lip. I usually do this for about 5 minutes. Then rinse off your lips and if you are satisfied that you have completely smooth lips, re-apply a tiny amount of olive oil to put that moisture back into your lips, let them soak it up completely, and voila! Perfectly smooth, beautiful lips. Ready for you to swipe on your favorite lipstick and hit the town. :)

Extra tips:
-ALWAYS do this before wearing red lipstick.
-Exfoliate your lips once a month or anytime you see them getting very chapped.
-You can always use olive oil as chapstick if you run out.
-A great way to prevent chapped lips is to swipe on some Vaseline every night before bed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 Favorite Drugstore Products

This week I decided to do a post on something I get asked quite frequently, my favorite drug store products. I'm going to be honest, as soon as I discovered high end makeup, I pretty much said adios to the drugstore makeup I grew up using. That being said I'm sure there are still a few gems in the drugstore world. Here's three I enjoy.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation:

found at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)
Walmart (Canada + USA)
Runs for around $18 I believe.

This foundation is really good, if you enjoy medium coverage liquid foundations. It's very similar to MACS studio fix fluid foundation. I use this foundation if I run out of my MAC foundation or I'm in a bind. The only thing I strongly suggest is to use a foundation primer before you apply the foundation. It makes a world of difference. This formula comes in a variety of shades, and comes in two different formulas. One for combination/oily skin and one for dry/normal skin. A little goes a long way, it applies smoothly, blends easily and finishes to a beautiful slightly dewy finish. This has some decent lasting power as well, doesn't budge once you put it on with a good primer underneath and a good powder to set it. Comes in decent range of colors as well!

Rexall (Canada)

This mascara truly surprised me. I am constantly on the search for a good mascara and I just grabbed this one on impulse one day. I usually use Benefits Badgal lash, which retails for about 30 dollars Canadian. I like this NYX mascara much better, and its only retails for about 8 dollars Canadian.  . Pretty sure this will be my new go to mascara.

It contains vitamin E, natural oils and nylon fibers which results in long full lashes that are still soft. It comes in three versions, volumizing, lengthening, and waterproof.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Walmart (Canada/us)
Winners (Canada/us)

This is your typical dry shampoo. Sprays powder into your hair that soaks up all the grease and oil. Adds volume and makes your hair feel clean, light and manageable. This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and it retails for about $8 Canadian. Works just as well as all the $20-$30 dollar cans. This comes in a few different versions. Original Batiste. Batiste for black and brunette which sprays a dark powder instead of white so it is less noticeable. Batiste Tropical and Diva and Blush which are three different smells. They also sell this in mini travel cans for your purse or desk at work :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Product Review

Got to try out a couple new products this week, so I'm here to give you the scoop on Nars The Multiple in Orgasm, and Laura Mercier baked eyeshadow in Ballet Pink.

Nars The Multiple :

Purchase at Sephora, Or any NARS counter in The Bay.

The Multiple is a multi purpose makeup stick. Its a cream to powder so it isn't necessary to set it.
You can use this stick on your eyes, lips, cheeks and body. It's available in a variety of shades.

The shade I'm reviewing is called Orgasm, it's a peachy pink shimmer that goes really well with fair skinned girls.

When I swiped this on my hand to swatch the color it went on beautifully smooth and creamy, but then as promised dried to a powder. I'm pretty impressed with the formula. You can wear this on its own on your cheeks, or put it on top of your foundation and powder. If you are using this as blush, I recommend using one of macs stippling brushes, the 131 works perfectly for this because of its small dense shape, swipe the brush against the stick and then stipple on the color with your brush. Small circles work best. Place the color where you want it, then use a kabuki brush and your face powder and buff away the edges of your blush to make it a nice seamless finish. You can use this as eyeshadow as well, just make sure you have a good eyeshadow primer on first. Its an option to use this as lipstick as well, though I haven't tried that yet, it being a cream to powder I don't see it lasting too well on the lip area, but maybe with a gloss on top. I don't recommend just using the stick on your face, that deposits quite a bit of color and it can be hard to work with. All in all I'm liking this product and think I'll be checking out some other shades!


Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow:

Purchase at Sephora or any Laura Mercier counter.


This is a baked eyeshadow that can be used wet or dry. It's very similar to MAC's mineralize eye shadows. Use it dry for a nice wash of color, or wet for a more vibrant intensity.
The shade I have is called Ballet Pink which is described as a pale peach pink but in all honesty to me it looks more like a champagne color. Its a beautiful highlight color, on both eyes and cheeks. You get a fair bit for the price and it comes in a variety of shades. This is my first Laura Mercier product and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It blends smoothly and has minimal fallout. Fine shimmer, not glittery. Great for a day at the office, or a night out. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Makeup


So summer is pretty much finally upon us and with it comes 25+ degree weather. Therefore we're talking sweat, beaches and swimming pools. Before you hit the beach make sure you've armed yourself with the right makeup!

First I'll give you a run down of my usual makeup look for those sweaty hot days.
You generally don't really feel like piling on the eyeshadow and eyeliner, and even if you do go through all that effort, you soon find to your dismay, that you look like a raccoon that was attacked with a blow dryer.
Go light on the eyes, pat on your eyeshadow primer and then a light shimmery shade all the way from your lash line to your brow bone. Hit your inner tear duct as well! Then a line of (preferably waterproof) eyeliner on the top, leave you waterline bare. Sweep on your (again preferably waterproof) mascara, and your eyes are done!

Now to make up for the light shimmery eyes, you can go heavier on the cheeks and lips. Use a good bronzer that makes you look bronzed and beautiful not orange.. (think J-Lo not Snooki), sweep it all over your cheeks or just use it to contour depending on your preference. Then apply a fun blush! I've really been liking Dollymix by MAC, its a bright deep pink color. Or you can go for a peachy look, for that I'm in love with Peachykeen by MAC. Sweep the blush all along your cheekbones and apples of your cheeks. Remember, no blush 2 fingers from your nose! Then apply a nice shimmer highlight color.

Don't forget your lips! Summer trend calls for bold lips, with the catchy phrase 'commit to a lip!' being the motto at all makeup counters. Swipe on some SPF lip balm or primer first, then a fun bright coral, pink, or red lipstick followed by some clear gloss to make your lips look full and luscious.

SPF- very important to have SPF on this summer. Lots of lip primers have SPF in them, and I really suggest investing in a makeup foundation primer that has SPF in it as well. MAC sells a great one called prep and prime face protect and it is SPF 50! Good stuff ladies. The bonus of the face primer is that its made for your face so it wont break you out, AND it will do its job and keep your foundation glued to your face and not melting off. Most foundations have a little SPF in them as well, but do yourself the favor and go the extra mile.

So that's your basic summer face, here's a list of waterproof makeup products that will help make your life easier.

Eyeliner: MAC's Liquidlast Eyeliner is a liquid liner that comes in several colors, and seriously will NOT COME OFF. I've taken a shower with this stuff on and it looked perfect afterwards.

Foundation: Haven't tried this yet but Makeup Forever sells a foundation called face and body that says its waterproof. Gonna pick it up and try it out, its gotten great reviews so far.

Lips: You can get lots of tinted lip balms, or Makeup Forever sells Aqua Creams for lips, blush, and eyes. These are waterproof and fabulous. Get a few shades. A champagne colored one to use as eyeshadow, and face highlight, and a nice berry or coral one to use for lips and blush.

Mascara: Tons of waterproof mascaras everywhere. I like badgal lash by benefit.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the beach!

Monday, March 28, 2011


This is a look I came up with tonight because A)I have nowhere to go and B)I was bored. Not having to go anywhere means my makeup has no bounds so I went as far as I wanted to go with it. :)
Not for the faint of heart, this look is brought to you by a girl with pink hair.

mac-pro longwear foundation
mac-invisible set powder
mac-studio select concealer
mac-studio fix foundation
coastal scents- contour/blush palette

mac-azalea blush
mac-silver dusk powder
mac-kitchamas pigment
coastal scents- contour/blush palette

mac-french quarter greasepaint stick
nyx-cottage cheese pencil
mac-later pigment
mac-softwash grey pigment
sugarpill-poison plum
mac-pure white pigment
mufe-301 star dust
mac-graphblack technakohl liner
mac-quite natural paint pot in brows
mac lashes

occ- hush lip tar
occ- hoochie lip tar
mac-creme de cup lipstick
mac- if its pink dazzle glass

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Highlight Baby.

Hello Loves!
I've come to tell you of the wondrous tales of highlighting your skin. No, I don't mean the fluorescent yellow or neon pink kind!

high·light (līt′)
1. To make prominent; emphasize.


 One of my all time favourite makeup steps is highlighting. It's so simple and quick and gives a lot of dimension to your face. Highlighting is basically playing light tricks with your skin. There are tons of different kinds of highlighters; powder, liquid, gel, and cream. They all tend to be light tones, more often then not a champagne colour, and vary in different degrees of iridescent particles. (shimmer.) It's these particles that reflect light and cause the area you place them on to become more prominent.

Here’s a picture of my all time favourite kind of highlighter, MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish's. They sell 2 permanently, but constantly have different ones that are limited edition in collections that they release.

They all have veining throughout them, most are one solid colour with varying veining of lighter or darker versions of the same shade:

Or some are 3 or more bars of colour.:

A lot of MAC's skinfinishes have colour to them so you can use them as blush or to enhance your blush as well as to highlight. The ones with different bars of colour are meant to be used as individual colours, or all together in one sweep. There are certain colours that you don't want to use in certain areas..for instance, a pink or coral based highlighter will look fabulous as a cheek highlight, but will not look so hot as a brow highlight. Pink right under your eyebrows is a no go. Unless you wanna hit the fashion runways. Start with a champagne coloured highlight because that is universally flattering on all highlight areas. Then, once you feel confident in playing with different shades, invest in one with lots of bars of colour!

To apply a highlighter you want to use a medium sized fluffy brush for big areas, and a small fluffy brush for small areas.

Areas to highlight:

2.Bridge of nose.
4.Brow Bone/Tear duct
7.Cupids bow

Cheekbones- Applying highlight to the tops of your cheekbones all the way to the hairline will make your cheekbones appear longer, thinner and more prominent, therefore also making your face look thinner.

Bridge of nose-Will bring light to the top of your nose, stay away from the tip, makes your nose look straighter and smaller/thinner.

Décolletage- Just the top of your cleavage, it will make them appear bigger and plumper..always a favourite highlight spot of mine ;)

Browbone/Tear duct-This you probably do anyways when you do your eye makeup. No one should leave their house without highlighting their brow bones and tear ducts(not IN your tear duct, just in that area beside your nose.) Even if you don't wear any other makeup, this will bring light to those areas and make your eyes look bigger and make you look more awake.

Collarbones- This will make your collarbones stand out which is just sexy in general. Makes your chest look very sculpted and feminine.

Shins- Clearly this is a summer thing, but running some highlighter down the front of your shins will make your legs appear longer and even bronzy/sexy for those summer dresses.

Cupids Bow- This is that area on the very top of your lips where they make that bow shape. Directly under your nose. Put a tiny bit of highlight in that little pocket and your lips will look bigger and plumper.

One quick tip about applying blush/bronzer/highlight to your cheeks. You NEVER want to put anything shiny under your eyes. It will look terrible and ridiculous. To find the proper area to place colour on your cheeks, take your index finger and middle finger together, place them vertically beside your nose. You do not want any colour in the area that your fingers cover. Now take your index finger and place it horizontally under your eye, right under your lower lash line. You do not want any colour or shimmer there either. Remember how I said putting shimmer on an area brings attention to it? You do not want any attention given to your under eye area. I promise. Also that shimmer will enhance the wrinkles and dark circles you have there.

That being said, go and highlight! You will love the definition and dimension it will bring to your face, especially when you combine it with contouring which I will talk to you about soon!

If you have any requests or questions leave them in the comments! Don't forget to share this blog with your friends!