Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 Favorite Drugstore Products

This week I decided to do a post on something I get asked quite frequently, my favorite drug store products. I'm going to be honest, as soon as I discovered high end makeup, I pretty much said adios to the drugstore makeup I grew up using. That being said I'm sure there are still a few gems in the drugstore world. Here's three I enjoy.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation:

found at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)
Walmart (Canada + USA)
Runs for around $18 I believe.

This foundation is really good, if you enjoy medium coverage liquid foundations. It's very similar to MACS studio fix fluid foundation. I use this foundation if I run out of my MAC foundation or I'm in a bind. The only thing I strongly suggest is to use a foundation primer before you apply the foundation. It makes a world of difference. This formula comes in a variety of shades, and comes in two different formulas. One for combination/oily skin and one for dry/normal skin. A little goes a long way, it applies smoothly, blends easily and finishes to a beautiful slightly dewy finish. This has some decent lasting power as well, doesn't budge once you put it on with a good primer underneath and a good powder to set it. Comes in decent range of colors as well!

Rexall (Canada)

This mascara truly surprised me. I am constantly on the search for a good mascara and I just grabbed this one on impulse one day. I usually use Benefits Badgal lash, which retails for about 30 dollars Canadian. I like this NYX mascara much better, and its only retails for about 8 dollars Canadian.  . Pretty sure this will be my new go to mascara.

It contains vitamin E, natural oils and nylon fibers which results in long full lashes that are still soft. It comes in three versions, volumizing, lengthening, and waterproof.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Walmart (Canada/us)
Winners (Canada/us)

This is your typical dry shampoo. Sprays powder into your hair that soaks up all the grease and oil. Adds volume and makes your hair feel clean, light and manageable. This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and it retails for about $8 Canadian. Works just as well as all the $20-$30 dollar cans. This comes in a few different versions. Original Batiste. Batiste for black and brunette which sprays a dark powder instead of white so it is less noticeable. Batiste Tropical and Diva and Blush which are three different smells. They also sell this in mini travel cans for your purse or desk at work :)

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