Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick Tip! - Lip Exfoliation

Everyone in the world, male or female, knows the pain and annoyance of chapped lips. The rough feeling, and the gross patchy scaly look of them. Especially in those winter months. This quick tip is simple and very effective to get those lips back to perfect pucker state.

All you need:
Olive oil
Old tooth brush

First step is to use clean hands to apply a generous layer of olive oil onto your lips. Make sure you rub them together and really cover the surface. Now just simply let it sit and soften up your entire lip surface really well.While its doing its job, you can mix together a small amount of either white or brown sugar, (I use brown because its a little coarser, but you can use either one), and olive oil. You can fill up an old container if you want, I just do this for a time by time basis. I mix together about a half  a teaspoon of sugar, with just enough olive oil to make it a paste.You don't really want this runny, you want it to be a nice firm paste. Let the olive oil sit on your lips for ten minutes or so. Then, wet an old tooth brush, and gently start to scrub in that paste into your lips in small circles. Make sure you get the entire surface of both your upper and lower lip. I usually do this for about 5 minutes. Then rinse off your lips and if you are satisfied that you have completely smooth lips, re-apply a tiny amount of olive oil to put that moisture back into your lips, let them soak it up completely, and voila! Perfectly smooth, beautiful lips. Ready for you to swipe on your favorite lipstick and hit the town. :)

Extra tips:
-ALWAYS do this before wearing red lipstick.
-Exfoliate your lips once a month or anytime you see them getting very chapped.
-You can always use olive oil as chapstick if you run out.
-A great way to prevent chapped lips is to swipe on some Vaseline every night before bed.

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  1. wow! thanks for the wonderful tip! i always have chapped lips that's why I prefer lip balm than lipstick! ^_^

    by the way, wanna follow each other?