Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Makeup


So summer is pretty much finally upon us and with it comes 25+ degree weather. Therefore we're talking sweat, beaches and swimming pools. Before you hit the beach make sure you've armed yourself with the right makeup!

First I'll give you a run down of my usual makeup look for those sweaty hot days.
You generally don't really feel like piling on the eyeshadow and eyeliner, and even if you do go through all that effort, you soon find to your dismay, that you look like a raccoon that was attacked with a blow dryer.
Go light on the eyes, pat on your eyeshadow primer and then a light shimmery shade all the way from your lash line to your brow bone. Hit your inner tear duct as well! Then a line of (preferably waterproof) eyeliner on the top, leave you waterline bare. Sweep on your (again preferably waterproof) mascara, and your eyes are done!

Now to make up for the light shimmery eyes, you can go heavier on the cheeks and lips. Use a good bronzer that makes you look bronzed and beautiful not orange.. (think J-Lo not Snooki), sweep it all over your cheeks or just use it to contour depending on your preference. Then apply a fun blush! I've really been liking Dollymix by MAC, its a bright deep pink color. Or you can go for a peachy look, for that I'm in love with Peachykeen by MAC. Sweep the blush all along your cheekbones and apples of your cheeks. Remember, no blush 2 fingers from your nose! Then apply a nice shimmer highlight color.

Don't forget your lips! Summer trend calls for bold lips, with the catchy phrase 'commit to a lip!' being the motto at all makeup counters. Swipe on some SPF lip balm or primer first, then a fun bright coral, pink, or red lipstick followed by some clear gloss to make your lips look full and luscious.

SPF- very important to have SPF on this summer. Lots of lip primers have SPF in them, and I really suggest investing in a makeup foundation primer that has SPF in it as well. MAC sells a great one called prep and prime face protect and it is SPF 50! Good stuff ladies. The bonus of the face primer is that its made for your face so it wont break you out, AND it will do its job and keep your foundation glued to your face and not melting off. Most foundations have a little SPF in them as well, but do yourself the favor and go the extra mile.

So that's your basic summer face, here's a list of waterproof makeup products that will help make your life easier.

Eyeliner: MAC's Liquidlast Eyeliner is a liquid liner that comes in several colors, and seriously will NOT COME OFF. I've taken a shower with this stuff on and it looked perfect afterwards.

Foundation: Haven't tried this yet but Makeup Forever sells a foundation called face and body that says its waterproof. Gonna pick it up and try it out, its gotten great reviews so far.

Lips: You can get lots of tinted lip balms, or Makeup Forever sells Aqua Creams for lips, blush, and eyes. These are waterproof and fabulous. Get a few shades. A champagne colored one to use as eyeshadow, and face highlight, and a nice berry or coral one to use for lips and blush.

Mascara: Tons of waterproof mascaras everywhere. I like badgal lash by benefit.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the beach!

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