Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonder Woman

Today I got my MAC order in the mail. Those guys are FAST! I just ordered 2 nights ago!
I got two things from their new wonderwoman collection that launches in stores feb 10.
I was kinda underwhelmed by this collection and the swatches I looked at.
I did end up getting Athenas Kiss lipglass and Amazon Princess blush. The lipglass is oversized, it has 0.37oz instead of the usual 0.17oz. The price is of course increased, the wonder woman lipglasses go for  $24 instead of  $17.50. They are so jumbo! I felt a little silly applying lipgloss with the giant wand haha.
Athenas Kiss is described as a bright blue fuchsia. Its gorgeous and right up my alley. It has slight shimmer in it as well, and is gorgeous applied on top of lipstick.

Amazon Princess blush comes in a cute wonder woman compact with a mirror. It has two parts, a bright pink and a deep blue pink, both have very slight gold shimmer. This is 0.43oz and goes for $29. I'm a sucker for a hot pink so I couldnt resist.

I might pick up the pink/purple lipstick called Spitfire later on, but the two products I got were the only MUST HAVES for myself. Gotta save money for the 400 other collections MAC will release this year! lol.

Heres some pics and swatches, I'll be using these products and posting full looks later this week.
to show size difference

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