Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tars

OCC is a new makeup brand I'm getting into.
I'm starting with their 'lip tars' because I've heard nothing but good things.
I got 3 to start. Memento, Pageant and Anime.
They come in little tubes, 8ml, and cost $13us. I ordered off the website:

They have TONS of colors, and these are also meant to be mixed. Haven't played with the mixing yet but I'm sure I will. These are kind of like a lipstick/lipstain/lipgloss hybrid. They go on super wet but then dry to a satin finish. Not sticky like mac's lipglasses. You really only need a TINY bit because it will go a long way, and it is better to apply with a lip brush for precise application. If you get too much of this or put it in the wrong place it can get messy quick. These also stain your lips a little bit so even when it does wear off hours later, your lips still have some color! Looking forward to playing with these, and I'll post pictures of looks using them. For now, here's some swatches, and a pros-cons list.

lasts a long time
stains lips a little
little amount goes a long way
lots of color options
mixing colors gives you endless possibilities

kinda runny/messy
difficult to take off, MUST use makeup remover
if they sit for awhile they can separate, and its a little annoying trying to remix.

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