Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Makeup Trends 2011

Even though there is still snow swirling around out there, its never too early to start planning and stocking up your spring makeup! This spring there are 4 main makeup trends we are seeing on the runways.

Time to shy away from your nudes and neutrals and grab that hot pink lipstick! It's all about bright colorful lips this spring. Hot pinks, oranges, and corals. If you aren't a bright lip person try grabbing your favorite shade and after swiping it on your lips, dab them with a Kleenex. Most of the color will be gone, and you'll just have a bright stain left. Another way to tone down but still be bright is grabbing a nude lip gloss and swiping that on top. My advice: don't be shy!! Grab those hot lipsticks and go to town. (or school, or work, wherever!) Hot pinks and corals are easier to pull off then red lipstick so don't be scared! If you need help finding your shade, go to any MAC counter. The artists there are more then happy to help you try on and find your favorite shade!  Here's some pictures of what we saw on the runway.

This spring has a lot of pastels, and a lot of bright colorful eyes! Clearly this spring is very color orientated.
Whip out those electric blues, bright purples and emerald greens. We saw them being used all over as a wash with some thick black liner, or several bright hues used together. Bright colors don't always = clown makeup. I promise. Just find a shade that makes your eyes pop and swipe that over your lids, line with some black liner and heavy coats of mascara and you are ready to go. Feeling shy? Opt for a neutral lid, and swipe on some colored liner. No one will be able to stop staring at how sexy your eyes look with a teal winged liner. Again, having trouble finding the right shade? Hit that MAC counter and try out colors, ask the artists there to try some on you. Some bright eye looks we saw:

This is one makeup trend that never goes out of style. The easiest of all trends, flawless,dewy skin, shimmery cheeks, and nude lips. Swipe on a lot of liner and mascara so your eyes don't disappear. If you are feeling adventurous this is a great look to pair with those fake lashes you never wear.


Last but definitely not least, another never dying makeup trend. The smokey eye. Elusive, seductive and always sexy. Mix it up this spring by straying from the over done silver,grey and black smokey eye. Opt for a color, like navy/steel blue or eggplant. Smoke out the shadow as far up and low as you feel comfortable with, throw on that liner and mascara and march out the door confident in your spring makeup trend knowledge.

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  1. That bright lemon eyeshadow looks awesome, makes me feel like wearing that on my eyes now, haha.