Monday, February 7, 2011

Mac Pro Haul

Well.. mini haul. I was downtown so I couldn't resist running into the mac pro store on queen street. For those of you who don't know, MAC has two kinds of stores. Regular and Pro. The pro stores sell a lot more stuff and offer colors and products that the regular stores don't. They are more industry aimed so its really good for professional makeup artists to go there, but anyone can go and buy whatever they want. Anyways. Here's what I got.

Pencil in 'pinkie'. (clearly I grabbed this for the name, but the fact that its neon pink doesn't hurt either)
Chromagraphic pencil in nc15/nw20
Lash mixing medium
Studio fix foundation powder
Lipstick in 'violetta'

These are all only offered at mac pro locations, except for the foundation.

The pencil in Pinkie is a neon electric pink color, and can be used as eyeliner, or lip liner. I've been loving it under my lipsticks.

The chromagraphic pencil is a skin tone color. I picked the lighter of the two they offer because I'm fair skinned. You can use this to line your waterline (it opens up your eyes and finishes off the look, but isn't as harsh as white eyeliner is) Use it as a concealer over blemishes, and my favorite thing to do is outline your lip shape with it. It helps keep the lipstick from feathering and also strengthens your lip shape to make your lips look stronger and more finished. Also when you use this on your cupids bow it really helps make your lips look plump and fuller.

The lash mixing medium is basically a formula in a little tube that you can use to mix with pigments (loose eyeshadow) and glitters and turn them into like a paste. So you can use that as either eyeshadow all over your eye, or as a liner. For example instead of dipping my brush in glitter and patting it onto my eye lid, which would cause the glitter to go EVERYWHERE and only some of it would stay on the lid, you brush this stuff all over your lid first, and then pat the glitter on top of that.. its like a glue that grabs onto the glitter and makes it stay where its supposed to. Also intensifies the color of pigments.

The lipstick in Violetta is one I've lusted after for awhile. Its a deep purple with shimmer. Not for the faint of heart on its own, but you can mix it with other lipsticks and glosses to make it more wearable. I will be wearing it on its own clearly lol.

The foundation isn't anything particularly exciting, just needed to pick it up. Its a powder foundation, great for oily skin, but it tends to go a bit light, I'm a nc15 in liquid foundation but had to pick up a nc20 in this.

Here's a picture of it all, and then some swatches of the liners and lipstick for you.
Any questions ask away!

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  1. that's a good tip for the flesh toned pencil! I would have never thought of that in a million years.