Monday, February 28, 2011

Hair Care!

Straying somewhat from makeup, lets talk hair products.

Here are some of my 'Go To' products:

A/G Fast FoodThis is probably the BEST leave in conditioner I've ever used. It really helped my hair A LOT right after I bleached it an immense amount to make it the (amazing) pink color it is now.
You can find this at most beauty supply stores, I picked up another bottle from Trade Secrets the other day.
This runs about $20 - $25 dollars and will last you months. After you wash your hair rub a quarter size of this products between your hands and then run your hands all throughout your hair. It detangles, smells amazing and really puts back in some moisture.

BONACURE HAIR THERAPY COLOR SAVE SHAMPOO:I have a big problem finding shampoos that I like. So many of them are so bad for your hair, stripping out all the moisture and damaging it. Paul Mitchell shampoo one actually damaged my hair to the point I needed to use hair masks to fix it. This shampoo is one of the best I've used. It's sulfate free which is one thing to look for in a good shampoo. I use the color save formula because of my pink hair but I think I may try out the other formulas of this line when I finish this bottle. This is my second bottle of this formula though and I do really like it. It doesn't sud up that much so it might feel weird at first but you get used to it. It smells great and really leaves your hair feeling soft and clean. I got this from a salon for around $15 but I'm sure beauty supply stores carry the line as well.

ION PURIFYING SOLUTIONS CLARIFYING SHAMPOO:Everyone should be using a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month. The clarifying shampoo gets rid of all the gunk and build up regular shampoos, conditioners, styling products like gel and hair spray leave on your hair. As well as getting rid of build up from environmental impurities. These are stronger then normal shampoos though so only used them once or twice a month and make sure you do a good conditioning treatment after. Using this will help prevent limp, lifeless, dull lackluster hair. Pick this up from Sally's Beauty Supply for around $15.

ION EFFECTIVE CARE TREATMENT:Getting into protein treatments now, this is a product that I use as my every day conditioner. It is a protein/moisture treatment, but I myself find it pretty mild. It is meant to bring back some of the protein and moisture to your hair. I get it in the giant bottle from Sally's Beauty Supply for about $20. I got this originally to use it once in a while as a protein treatment, but I find I need stronger protein but I do like how this feels in my hair. It makes my hair smooth and detangled as soon as I put it in in the shower. If you have pretty average hair without much damage I suggest picking this up for the protein and moisture you need.

JOICO K-PAK RECONSTRUCT:This is a great protein treatment. This is just protein not moisture. You can pick it up from beauty supply shops or just from Walmart or The Superstore. It smells great and will make your hair feel stronger instantly. Wash hair, wring out excess water, apply this, let it sit for 5 minutes and then wash out. Runs about $25.

DERM ORGANIC ARGAN OIL MASQUE:Argan oil is amazing for your hair. You can pick it up in its pure form and use it on your hair or you can get products with it in them. This is a fantastic hair masque. I slathered this all over my hair and left it in for about 4 hours. My hair was so smooth soft and silky afterwards. It smells lovely and really brings back some of that moisture. Kind of expensive I think this bottle was $30 from Trade Secrets.

REDKEN EXTREME CAT PROTEIN THERAPY TREATMENT:This stuff is fabulous. I have only used it twice but in my search for a truly good deep protein treatment I think I finally found something really worthwhile. My sister in law is a hair dresser and introduced me to some great Redken products. Good thing to because Redken is on the lower priced scale of hair products and most of it is available at Walmart. For this I went to The Beauty Supply Outlet. This was about $21.99. When you are in the shower after shampooing, wring out excess water, spray this all over your hair concentrating on ends, let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes and then rinse out and condition as usual. I instantly felt a noticeable difference in the strength of my hair with this stuff. I have a good feeling about the results I'll get from long term use.

HASK HENNA N PLACENTA WITH OLIVE OIL:Yes you read that right. Don't worry.. at least its only animal placenta.. Placenta is actually one of the greatest things to use on your hair. These two treatments are for moisture. One of the treatments is a hot treatment and the other is like a conditioning mask. The hot treatment you must place in a bowl of hot water, then apply to hair,throw on a shower cap to retain heat, let it sit for as long as you want! The other treatment is similar, Just shampoo hair, put this all over your hair, work it in well, throw on a shower cap to retain heat and let it sit for as long as you want. These are both great and super cheap. Runs for about $3 - $4 each at Sally's Beauty Supply.

PAUL MITCHELL SUPER SKINNY SERUM:This is a great serum to use on wet or dry hair. After you shower before you blow dry apply one pump to your palms and work through ends to roots of your hair. Don't over do it though, serums can really weigh your hair down quickly. Blow dry and then flat iron hair, then use half a pump to really smooth down hair and bring shine. My hair has never been so soft and silky! Love this stuff and will continue to repurchase. $20 at Beauty Supply Stores.

REDKEN IRON SILK 07:Another great product so far. Only just started to use this but it is a heat protectant meant for use before heat styling. Spray on sections and then flat iron. This really makes the hair stay straight and seems to bring a lot of shine to the hair as well. Pleased so far! $22 from The Beauty Supply Store.

BEDHEAD MANIPULATOR:This is a product I have used for the last 8 years. I'd say I like it! This is a styling product for after blowdrying / flat ironing. I  rub a small amount between my fingers and then work and play with different parts of my hair to create more layers and texture. Also good to scrunch hair with! This is an oldie but a goodie that I always recommend. $24 at Walmart.

So those are my picks for some awesome hair products! Try em out and hopefully they work for you just as well!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE Joico's K-PAK. Works like a total dream on any hair! And, here, I left you a blogger award! :D