Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar

Today I'm gonna talk to all my lovely follower's about skin care!
I don't have the best skin (far far from it) so I'm always on the look out for effective remedy's.
Something that I've just been introduced to and am starting to use with awesome results is Apple Cider Vinegar. Here's a list I got off a website of the benefits of this stuff.

What are the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?
Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful natural cure for a number of ailments which usually require antibiotics and other medications that have a number of side effects. In particular, Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to:
Reduce sinus infections and sore throats
Balance high cholesterol
Cure skin conditions such as acne
Protect against food poisoning
Fight allergies in both humans and animals
Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise
Strengthen the immune system
Increase stamina
Increase metabolism which promotes weight loss
Improve digestion and cure constipation
Alleviate symptoms of arthritis and gout
Prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections

Pretty damn good huh? The only thing I'm using this for at the moment is to stop break outs and get rid of them. My face wash routine is as follows:
water proof makeup remover pads to take off eye makeup.
mac makeup remover wipes to take off rest of makeup + oily residue from the eye wipes.
rinse with water.
use a cotton ball or pad to put straight apple cider vinegar all over my face, especially on break out areas.
let that dry, then moisturize as usual. I use macs lightful deep ultra moisture cream.
I have definitely seen awesome results. Redness is reduced and break outs that I have are a lot smaller and less painful then they were before. This gets rid of breakouts completely for me in about 2-4 days.
Also have noticed less then usual. Pretty good, and I've only been using it for a week.
The key with this stuff is though you HAVE to get the ORGANIC kind. Unfiltered with the 'mother' in it still.
Still only runs you like 5 bucks in the grocery store.
My next move is to get some witch hazel (a really good astringent) and some natural green tea (not the bags from the superstore those have sugar in them). Mix 1 part witch hazel, 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water and make myself a toner. Put that in a spray bottle, spray your face every night and morning and you will have beautiful clear skin very soon!

Also, for those of you suffering from cellulite

Topical Remedy:
mix 3 parts apple cider vinegar with your favorite massage oil.
gently knead this mixture into the affected area twice a day.
this massage treatment will help to reduce the look of cellulite.

Here's a picture of apple cider vinegar and witch hazel so you know what to look for. Obviously there will be lots of different brands though.

Hope this helps some of you out, let me know if it does!


  1. Vinegar also takes the sting out a sunburn. I used the ACV for a while on my skin and had good results, I also became immune to smell and now love Salt and Vinegar potato chips lol. I've moved on to Lush skincare now which I love but the ACV is very useful stuff.

  2. I use witch hazel as a toner and it works wonders, been using it for about 6 months and my skin is so much clearer, occasional one or two spots but mainly clear smooth skin